Have you ever, at any time, has such a strong feeling that something good was about to happen to you? You felt sure that God was about to drop something into your life. It might be something you had been praying about, hoping for or believing God for. The feeling was so intense that you knew, I mean deep down inside, you just knew something was going to break out into your life; a breakthrough in a certain are in your life, a certain miracle you’d been hoping God would manifest, or a harvest you’d been waiting for?

You started praising God for it, thanking Him in advance for whatever was coming and felt elated, expectant and happy. Judging by the way you felt, you were sure that whatever was going to happen would happen before the day was out. So for the next couple of hours you were vigilantly paid attention to your environment; whatever you saw, heard and whoever you came into contact with, because it just might be what God would use to manifest your breakthrough.

Every email, phone call or text message that came through set your heart racing; this might be it, you thought. As the day drew to a close, you reflected on every step you took that day to make sure you did not ‘miss’ anything. Finding nothing, you consoled yourself with the thought that maybe it would happen tomorrow. Tomorrow came, then the next day and the next, well you get the picture. Your disappointment was palpable. As the days, weeks and months progressed you tried to forget the whole experience, but you can’t help but wonder, even to this day, what went wrong, how you could have missed it, or what that was all about.

I cannot recall the number of times that that has happened to me. Neither can I recapture, in writing, how disappointed, hopeless, dejected, demoralized and lost I felt. I would torture myself trying to figure out where I went wrong, what I did wrong or what I did not do, that I was supposed to do. I would pray that God would show me where I went wrong and at times He did. At other times I could find no reason for the ‘failure’.

Obviously it was much easier to accept and move on when I could not find a cause for the ‘non-manifestation’. The hardest thing to deal with was facing the fact that I was the reason why whatever was supposed to happen, did not happen. I know it is generally believed that when God has set his mind to do something, nothing and no one can stand in his way. I beg to differ. I have come to find out that nothing outside of us can tamper with the plan of God, not the devil, not people and certainly not circumstances. Yet there is one thing that can stall, side-track or abort God’s plan; me. Think about it; God cannot force an individual to do something they don’t want to do. If He could, then all of humanity would have accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior by now and live holy lives. Our God is all-powerful, all-knowing and all-seeing, nothing is too hard for him, He is able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all we may ever ask or think; but when it comes to our choices, wills and decisions, his hands are tied. God respects a person’s decision.

So if I decide not to have enough faith in God, no matter how much he wants to bless me he cannot. If I decide, albeit unwillingly, not to trust God, or believe in him or wait on him; I have just bound him from working on my behalf. If I disregard his principles; which by the way are God’s system of operating, God cannot do what He wants to do in my life. God can do nothing in my life without my consent, participation and submission.

So, is there no hope once we blow it? Well I used to think so, until a few days ago, that is. While at my church’s prayer meeting in the evening the Holy Spirit prompted me to pray about overdue seasons. The writing above more than explains what an overdue season is. As I prayed, God reminded me of all that was supposed to have happened in my life but did not, primarily through faults of my own. As I started getting remorseful He quickly interjected and told me to pray for restoration of those things.

The Holy Spirit impressed upon me the illustration of a pregnant woman who is past her due date. It might happen that while pregnant, she had not taken good care of herself which caused complications with the pregnancy. At times, no known cause can be stated for the delay. At other times still, the woman and possibly the doctor also, may have miscalculated the conception date, thereby miscalculating the expected date of the birth. In the first two instances, doctors can intervene and cause the woman to go into labor thereby delivering the baby. The Holy Spirit used that illustration to tell me that God can also intervene in instances in our lives where we had knowingly or unknowingly delayed God’s plan for our lives.

 As in the case of the pregnant woman, she might be rebuked for not having taken good care of herself but at the end of the day, she will be assisted in giving birth to her baby. God can do the same for us; provided we learn our lesson, repent and recommit ourselves to him. As I prayed, the Holy Spirit reminded me of the scriptures in Psalm 126:1, where God restores our fortunes; Jeremiah 30:17, God restoring our health; Isaiah 57:18, God restoring our comforts and Joel 2:25, where God promises to restore lost years. There are countless other scriptures which deal with God’s restoration.

You might be asking, what happens in the case of the miscalculated conception and expected date of birth? I have got one answer for you; God has the perfect time for everything. At times, when I thought I was overdue for something and went to God for clarification, he told me that it was not time yet. He would tell me that because of my fervent wish/desire I would prematurely conceive things in the spirit, whose time had not yet come.

It is my prayer that as you read this, you can look back in your own spiritual walk and identify the times I have spoken about earlier and ask God to restore, revive and repair what should have been. I feel as if God has opened up a spiritual window period for restoration, because He is, after all, a God full of mercy and grace. I for one will take full advantage of such an opportunity by meditating, confessing and saturating myself with scriptures that deal with restoration.