This evening as we were praying in my church the Holy Spirit prompted me to pray for people who were in the grips of depression, hopelessness and helplessness. He instructed me to specifically pray against the spirit of suicide, as people bothered with the above-mentioned states often contemplate suicide.

As I prayed He impressed upon me that there are people who are on the verge of making wrong choices and decisions and that I should pray against the spirits that are ‘pushing’ them into those resolutions. You see, when the Bible says that the thief (devil) comes to steal, kill and destroy, we shouldn’t take it lightly. The devil puts people in such dire situations and circumstances that they feel the only way out is to do something that, in the end, will destroy their lives. At the time, it may look to them like the easy way out: a pregnant teenager deciding to have an abortion; a husband and father who has been laid off work wanting to kill his whole family, including himself; a young man about to take his first drink or first joint to ease whatever pain he feels inside. The devil’s ultimate goal is for people to make decisions and take actions that ruin their lives completely!

I don’t know the people I was praying for, but God does. I don’t know the exact circumstances that they were faced with but he does. He saw the imminent danger in their lives and used us to circumvent it. No wonder he calls the church to prayer, imploring us to pray continually. No wonder he calls us to intercede! He says he wants everyone to come to the knowledge of truth and wants no one destroyed. The devil wants people to die prematurely so that they never come to know the truth.

As we started praying in tongues, I got the impression that God was breaking the chains, bonds and yokes that were holding these people. It was like he was shining his light into their lives, opening their eyes and enlightening their hearts. I’m sure all of us have had experiences where we were so down and discouraged and felt that the whole world was on our shoulders. But then somehow, someway our mood changed.

Of course that is not the literal translation of the prayer we prayed in tongues, but at times while praying in tongues God impresses upon me what it is that I am praying about.  My heart broke as we prayed. My heart broke for people I did not even know! I just thought back in my own life where I had taken the wrong turns and what a difference it would have made had someone prayed for me. Maybe they had. Maybe the devil had planned even worse things for my life than what I had seen manifested. But today I pleaded with God to intervene on the lives of these unknown people.

And I know in my spirit that He has circumvented whatever the devil had planned. I know that He has planted a seed of hope in their hearts. I know that he has shone his light into their otherwise dark circumstances. I know that He has given them the power to hold on, fend off and fight back the enemy.

So, church of the living God, let us not grow weary or faint. When God calls us to prayer, let us rush to do his bidding. We never know what He wants to accomplish, in fact it is not for us to know, but to obey. All I can is that it is an honour and a privilege to be of service to the Most High God! Have a blessed evening!