The Bible always teaches us about the power of a seed; how, after it has been planted, a harvest can be expected. We have, unarguably, applied that principle to money; by giving tithe, offering and giving the poor. We have also exercised that principle in non-monetary terms as well; by giving away things we no longer need, like items of clothing, furniture, or other things that can be of use to other people. We may have offered our time, by volunteering at different causes.

One time while praying, I asked God to make me whatever it is that He wants to make me. I said, wherever you tell me to go Lord, I’ll go. Whatever you want me to do Lord, I’ll do. I asked the Holy Spirit to fill me, saturate me, penetrate me and permeate every part of my being. I certainly did not know how that would come about. But I was just at that point in my life where I realised that there’s nothing more I can give to God except my very self!

This morning while reading my Bible I happened to read Jesus’ parable on the mustard seed; Mark 4:30-32. He said that the mustard seed is the smallest seed in the whole earth, yet when it is planted it becomes the largest of all garden plants. Something clicked in my spirit! I saw myself as that mustard seed; small; after all, I have no great riches, no fame, nothing to my name and nothing that can be called great about me. Yet when I am planted, I have the potential of becoming great! Get this: I can only be great when I am planted! Planted in what, you might ask? After all I can hardly plant myself in the soil; that would be suicide.

  Go back a few verses to Mark 4:26-28. Here, Jesus made an illustration about a man who scattered seed on the ground. He said night and day, whether the man slept or got up, the seed grew, get this; and the man did not know how! Jesus said that, all by itself the soil produced grain.   

Over and over again I’ve heard men of God teach that we should be ‘rooted’ and ‘grounded’ in love. We know that Jesus is love; and we also know that Jesus is the Word made flesh. So basically we are taught to be rooted and grounded in the Word. Now, take special note of the verbs; rooted and grounded. They all relate to planting. Rooted; from the word root, the foundation of a plant. Grounded; from the word ground, which refers to the soil.

So from my observation, it can be said that when I (the small mustard seed) am planted in the ground (the Word) I can become great in the Kingdom of God (the garden). Can I go a little bit further and say; no wonder Jesus said that the least shall become great; Luke 9:48. But I’m not there; let’s leave that for another time.

Get this; while planted in the ground, the seed sprouts and grows, though it does not know how, but it is the soil that produces the grain. Since I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour three years ago, I have grown so much in spiritual matters that at times it scares even me. Yet, if you were to ask me how exactly it happened, I cannot tell you. All I know is that the more I practiced Christian disciplines like; studying the Bible, praying, fasting and fellowshipping, I grew. So in effect, the soil (Word) produced the grain (spiritual maturity) in me.

In closing, it has become apparent to me that the only way I can become fruitful in God’s sight is to totally give myself to Him; mind, body and soul. No wonder Paul said we must give our bodies as a living sacrifice in Romans 12:1 and why he also said we must die to self. Dying to self means parting with our own wills and desires, and wanting to do what pleases the Father. When you genuinely say the words; not my will, but your will be done Lord, and surrender yourself to whatever God will do in your life; that is when you know that you have truly died to self.

So it doesn’t matter how little you have, in terms of money, status or possessions. You may not have money, time or possessions to use as seed but you have yourself. And I believe that is the greatest seed in God’s sight!

Stay blessed!