Oh, the wonder of knowing Him and being known by Him!
It surpasses all I have ever known, learnt and acquired!
Nothing will ever compare to knowing my Saviour,
To feel Him living on the inside of me.
To talk to Him, to have him talk to me.
To have Him touch me and fill me.
To have His tender, loving arms around me.
To have His presence engulf my whole being.
To have His light flood my life, my soul and my heart.
To have His warmth saturate my insides.

Oh, how limited is human speech,
that it cannot articulate what He means to me!
That even in the darkest of days,
In the hardest of times,
In the raging storms of life,
In the heat and drought of the desert,
I can look up and behold;
My Lord, My King, My Master
And see His loving eyes on me,
Eyes full of so much love,
that tears spring forth from my eyes.

A love that silences the noise of life.
A love that nullifies all suffering.
A love that makes me smile,
while all Hell is breaking loose in my midst.
A love that has me worshiping and praising Him,
while Hell’s hounds are barking at my door.
A love that has me at such peace,
while everything around me is in pieces.
A love…
A love…
That no words can define!