ImageHave you ever seen one of those movies where there’s been a storm/earthquake/tornado or accident and the electrical poles have been damaged and lie strewn on the road? Many a times the electrical wires have been snapped in two, due to whatever force, and the wires lie exposed, potent with high voltage of electricity, just waiting for something or anyone to make contact with it and ZING, thousands of volts are mercilessly transferred to that object. 

That scenario came to mind as I sat down for my daily private Bible time. For weeks now I have been challenged by the verse in Ephesians 1:19-20; where the apostle Paul informs us that as children of God, we have on the inside of us the same power that raised our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ from the dead and seated him at the right hand of the Father, far above all rule and authority, power and dominion. Can you grasp the enormity of that statement? Right now, wherever you are, as a born-again Christian you have the power of the Almighty God in you! A power that not only raised Jesus from the dead, which is unimaginable on its own; but a power which after raising him, took him to his rightful place, beside the Father, above everything in the present age and in the one to come!
As I pondered that verse I couldn’t help but be frustrated to know that I have access to such power and yet in the natural I seem to be powerless. Adverse situations, circumstances, environments, challenges, problems and obstacles are rife in our lives and yet we have access to such power! These things are burying us under yet the Truth says that God raised us up and seated us in heavenly places with Christ Jesus; (Ephesians 2:6)! It just doesn’t add up! So I just sat there, randomly opened up my Bible and scanned the words on the pages. 2 Timothy 3:16 jumped in my spirit; all Scripture is God-breathed…meaning every word in the Bible has been given life by God! Hebrews 4:12 also resonated in my spirit; For the word of God is alive and active… not only just alive, but active; not dormant, passive or latent but active, working!
As I sat there, I started running my fingers across the words in my Bible. A thought just crossed my mind that I had never thought of before; you mean, every word in this Bible has power on the inside of it. I heard the Holy Spirit just whisper, every letter and syllable! At that answer I quickly goggled how many words were in the Bible. As you can guess, I got varied answers but the average seems to be about 800 000 words. I sat there in wonder! If I could just get one word out of approximately 800 000 to ‘electrify’ me (remember the live wire scenario?) my whole life would be revolutionised (remember every word is God breathed) I was blown away. Had anyone seen me in that moment they would have said I had gone insane. I just sat there and ran my fingers across the words, letting the revelation sink in. Like a visually impaired person reading Braille, my fingers caressed the words. Like a child tinkering with a toy box trying to get it open, my fingers explored. It wasn’t so much as my fingers doing the exploring as my spirit trying to figure out how to access the power and use it in my life!
As my fingers danced with the Word of God, my spirit was communicating with the Holy Spirit asking him; how do I access this power, how do I put it to use in my life, what is the key, where is the key, what is it that I’m missing, what’s the missing link, where’s the missing piece of the puzzle? Right then I just felt the Holy Spirit smiling approvingly at me as if to say, go on, dig deeper, search diligently. No wonder Jesus likened the Kingdom of God to a treasure hidden far away, where only the most persistent, diligent and tenacious find it, in Matthew 13:44-46. Suffice it to say that I did not get the answers that I was searching for… then, but this encounter just made me all the more hungry and thirsty to discover the key to accessing this power.
It just blows my mind that every word in the Bible is alive, that every word is potent with the fullness of God’s power! Oh how different the world and our lives would be if we could just tap into the latent power in the Word of God, an immesureable power that is just waiting to make contact with someone and imbue, penetrate, saturate and use that person as a vessel of change! A person who will be a good conductor and steward of that power. That person would be a force to be reckoned with! That would be one person that no devil or circumstance could keep under anything! In fact, everything would be under his feet (Psalm 8:6) And to think we are all called into that greatness! If only we can make the connection! If only just one word would come alive in my spirit and zing me with its high voltage…
No wonder the Bible teaches us that the Kingdom of God is not just a matter of talking, but of POWER! (1 Corinthians 4:20) We’ve talked enough…let me personalise that and say that I’ve talked enough, but now I’m yearning for the power of God to manifest in my life. I am desperate for the Hand of God, which does mighty acts, to show up in my life. I long for a time when I will no longer have to open my mouth to testify of the Lord’s goodness in my life, people will just have to look at my life and see,know and acknowledge that the Hand of God is over me, that the power of God is in my life! Anyone with the same yearning? Anyone who is willing, open and ready to be revived by the Power of the Most High God? Let me hear (read ;-D) an Amen…