Being a mother of a five-year-old girl and an aunt to an eleven-year-old niece has inevitably meant becoming familiar with Barbie. A common storyline in most Barbie movies is the rags to riches story. What usually happens is that a normal girl from an impoverished background finds out that she’s actually a princess and not just ‘the nobody’ she thought she was. After that realisation, it usually follows that she is taken to the palace and then taught a new way of living which in turn transforms her whole life.

This little narration came to mind after my morning prayer today. I had just started praying and was focused on a project that God recently told me to embark on, when I felt compelled in my spirit to pray for God to reveal my true self to me. It was a somewhat strange incident because, first off, that was not the agenda of my prayer, but the words just came out of my mouth and I heard myself praying that God would introduce my real me to me. I say it was strange because I was praying in my own language, unlike when I pray in tongues where the words just come out of my mouth and I have no idea what I am saying or don’t have to think what to pray about. But this time, I was praying in my everyday language, but the words didn’t come from my mind (I didn’t have to think of what to pray) they just came out of their own accord.

The other strange thing was the fact that I was asking God to introduce me to me. Of course I know that I am triune being, just like God; I am a spirit, possessing a soul, living in a body. In essence, I was praying that God would introduce my spirit to my ‘worldly’ self. That threw me off, because I thought I knew my spiritual side. After all, I have been born-again for four years now and I have had spiritual encounters with God which led me to believe that I was a spiritual being. But for the Holy Spirit to insinuate that I didn’t know my spirit-self was baffling.

HSAs I continued praying, the Holy Spirit impressed upon me the fact that the reason why I was still struggling in some areas of my life was because I was not walking in the full knowledge, understanding and revelation of my true self. Much like the poor Barbie who didn’t know that she belonged to royalty and could have, be and do anything she wanted to have, be and do. He said that is why I was feeling overwhelmed and doubting whether I could pull off the project he gave me. He impressed upon me that that was the problem with the majority of God’s children in this day and age; we might know in our minds, from reading the Bible, that we are children of the Most High God, joint heirs with Christ, kings and priests, but as long as that knowledge is only in our heads and not understood and revealed in our spirits we will walk this earth constantly doubting our God-given abilities, feeling overwhelmed and unable to finish the work that God has started in us.

The Holy Spirit reminded me of a series of scriptures which drove that point home. First off, we are primarily spiritual beings, not earthly beings. In Psalm 8:4-5 David asks God why he cares so much for human beings. God answers him by telling him that He made us a little lower than angels (some versions go so far as to say lower than God himself) and crowned us with glory and honour, that is why he cares so much. In 2 Corinthians 1:22 and Ephesians 1:18 God reveals to Paul exactly what it is that he values so much in us. God says that he put his seal of ownership on us and his Spirit in our hearts as a deposit which guarantees what is to come; which leads Paul to pray that the eyes of our understanding may be enlightened so that we might know the hope to which God has called us, the riches of his glorious inheritance in his holy people! So the Holy Spirit that God has put in us as a deposit guarantees the inheritance God stands to get in us. So no Holy Spirit, no inheritance!

As I was drawing to a close in my prayer, it was impressed upon me that we cannot live the kingdom lifestyle unless we are intimately acquainted with our spirit being, that is, the Holy Spirit of God living on the inside of us. Not only living in us, but allowed to express and manifest himself through us; given free reign and total access and control over every area of our lives.  Any God-given gift, vision, prophecy, dream, ministry or assignment demands such, in order to come to fruition. 1 Corinthians 15:50 says that flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God, so that means we cannot fulfil God’s purpose for our lives when we primarily operate in the flesh.

Hence the call to re-acquaint ourselves with the spirit-man in us who is all-powerful, all-knowing, all-seeing and everywhere at once. Just think of what we could accomplish for God if we would be one with this powerful deposit God has sealed us with!  Just think of the revolutionary academics, professionals, innovators, business people and laymen we would become!

So, are you having some trouble in some area of your life? Let God reveal your true self to you. The trouble may not go away immediately, but I guarantee you that the real you can handle it, go through it and come out on the other side victorious. Remember what Jesus said in John 16:33; “in this world you will have trouble, but take heart! I have overcome the world.” If the Jesus who walked the earth more than 2000 years ago overcame the world, then that same Jesus who now lives in us will surely prevail also. We just have to let him loose!

Stay blessed!