When Jesus walked the earth in the flesh, God, the Father, could not deny him (Jesus) anything. How could He, He would be denying his own Word. Everything that Jesus asked the Father to do,  the Father did it. Why is that,  do you think? The answer is found when John the Baptist had just baptised Jesus and a voice from Heaven was heard saying,  “this is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.”  Jesus was so successful in his earthly ministry because he pleased the Father. Yet he (Jesus) did not use that to manipulate the Father. He knew he could ask anything of the Father and it would be done.
The Bible says the Lord will not withhold anything from those whose walk is upright (righteous). We are made righteous in God by Christ Jesus, so in effect, Heaven cannot withhold anything from us. As such,  I believe that we have to have the character of Jesus in order to be as effective as he was in ministry.
We must be humble; realising that whatever we are able to do, is because the Father has enabled us to do, it’s not our intelligence, talents or doing. Jesus knew this, on numerous occassions he was heard saying that what people saw him doing was not actually him, but the Father working through him.
We must have the right heart. The only reason, I believe,  that the Father always came through for Jesus was because He trusted his heart. He knew that Jesus would never use His power to hurt, belittle and shame others; but that He would minister good to all he came across, all the while giving all the glory to Him.
We must genuinely seek that God’s will be done. Even to his own detriment, facing an agonising death, Jesus’ priority was that the Father’s will be done. Given the kind of power and authority that Jesus had (even the Bible attesting that he could have called a thousand angels to his rescue on the cross) yet he gave himself as the ultimate sacrifice. When we prioritise God’s will,  even when it is in direct  opposition to what we had planned, wished or dreamed of, we place ourselves in the perfect position for God to use us mightily.
We must be totally obedient. It is said of Jesus that he obeyed unto death. We have to have an obedient spirit, even when it makes us lose out in different respects. I always maintain that you have to decide to obey God before he even issues out an instruction. Just make up in your mind that whatever he tells you to do, you will do it. If you wait until the instruction is given, in order to gauge how easy or difficult it will be for you to obey, believe me, you will never be obedient to God.
These are just some of the few characteristics of Jesus that we need to possess in order to be effective in our God-given ministries. The Bible admonishes us to have the mind of Christ, and I believe that the primary reason for this is so that we can think, act, and respond to God like Jesus did, in order to get the results that he did; that is, pleasing the Father by fulfilling his ministry.