The Good Shepherd


Oh, the wonder of knowing Him and being known by Him!
It surpasses all I have ever known, learnt and acquired!
Nothing will ever compare to knowing my Saviour,
To feel Him living on the inside of me.
To talk to Him, to have him talk to me.
To have Him touch me and fill me.
To have His tender, loving arms around me.
To have His presence engulf my whole being.
To have His light flood my life, my soul and my heart.
To have His warmth saturate my insides.

Oh, how limited is human speech,
that it cannot articulate what He means to me!
That even in the darkest of days,
In the hardest of times,
In the raging storms of life,
In the heat and drought of the desert,
I can look up and behold;
My Lord, My King, My Master
And see His loving eyes on me,
Eyes full of so much love,
that tears spring forth from my eyes.

A love that silences the noise of life.
A love that nullifies all suffering.
A love that makes me smile,
while all Hell is breaking loose in my midst.
A love that has me worshiping and praising Him,
while Hell’s hounds are barking at my door.
A love that has me at such peace,
while everything around me is in pieces.
A love…
A love…
That no words can define!



Improvement versus Change

IMG_20171214_214624.jpgThe greatest gift a woman can give herself is to embrace herself; her whole self: body, mind and soul and not work to change herself, but to improve herself. Because,there is a difference between change and improvement.

When you change something, you take it from what it originally was to something completely different. Change is capable of being negative. One is capable of changing something from good to bad, from bad to worse.

 But, when you improve something, you are taking it from its original disposition and better it, whilst keeping its originality. When one improves something, it speaks of betterment, enhancement and growth. There is no downward improvement. Improvement is always positive and upward.

Sometimes, it is not about changing something that is tangible, but about improving the way we think and see things.

Ever since I can remember, I have had an issue with my body. I have always felt that I did not have enough meat on my bones. I always felt I could use more in different parts of my body. This caused me to be awkwardly self-conscious and very insecure when it came to my self- image.

This was made worse by a skin condition that I suffered from from infancy which had my whole body break out in blisters which would leave dark spots all over my body. My teenage years saw me shy away from shorts and crop tops in an effort to hide my rail thin body which was riddled with dark spots.

It did not matter that people told me that I had a “beautiful” body. Those close to me lamented the fact that I flat out refused to wear short and revealing clothes because they felt I had the body for them. What I saw in the mirror did not look beautiful to me. I hated taking pictures, I felt I always looked horrible in them and truth be told, I did too. I avoided looking at my naked body in the mirror at all cost.

Fast forward 20 years and time has had its healing effect. I have gained a bit of weight, while still maintaining my petite structure; the dark spots have but all faded and for the first time in my life, I am loving my body! I now make it a point to catch a glimpse of my naked body in a mirror!  The body which I felt was a liability 20 years ago has become an asset! When people find out how old I am, they cannot believe it. And no, it is not because of a strict exercise regime, it’s just that the same genes that I hated back in my teenage years are working for me in my thirty plus years!

In a nutshell, my body hasn’t changed that much, but my attitude, perspective and mind-set has sure improved. And that is why I now view my body in a whole new way! I did not change the physical, I improved in the intangibles and what a difference it has made!

I never used to understand why they say that life begins at 40 but now I do. By the time one gets to 40, ideally, they should have dealt with their demons. They have come to terms with things they cannot change and are focusing on what they can improve, whilst accepting everything that is in between. But the great part is, you don’t have to wait until you are 40, you can start now. Right now, you can start a life of self-acceptance, self-approval and self-love. Believe me, there is nothing as attractive as a woman who has accepted herself; embraced herself; at ease with herself; and in love with herself!